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    Boxes For Soldiers of The Hudson Valley

    Boxes For Soldiers| Donations Needed

      Donate Today! | Care Package Drive For Our Troops | Boxes For Soldiers

    Collecting  Physical Donations May 15th– May 25th

    Collecting Monetary Donations Now

    One care package delivered to an active soldier can reach upwards of 50 people.  It smells and feels like home, and delivers a moment of sanity in the midst of chaos. One simple gesture creates a world of difference to those making the greatest sacrifice for our country.

    Those who have family members serving often benefit from these care packages. While they pay it forward by sharing, there are still countless soldiers who are unable to benefit from these care packages.  For the safety of our soldiers deployed overseas, the general public cannot send donations, or care packages as the locations are kept secret.

    In 2012 Kendall Kless, whose son serves as a Lt. Colonel, founded Boxes For Soldiers to address this very need – sending care packages to as many overseas soldiers as possible. She teamed up with Rob Bowen, Former F2C Naval Flight Officer and Military Advocate,  to spread the word to collect items for these soldiers and host a donation site. Through their connections, they found Chaplains on military bases to receive and disburse the care packages.

    They are sending packages to 3 units in Africa this year!! –

    Here is how you can help:

    Packages are being sent to 3 units in Africa this year.  Here are some items they are specifically requesting:

    PLEASE: NO glass, NO aerosols, Modest Size Packaging

    ✔️Food Items:

    Energy Drinks (e.g. Red Bull, Monster Energy)

    Water additives (esp. w/electrolytes or caffeine e.g.Propel, MioEnergy, Hydralyte)

    Powder mixes: Gatorade; Arizona Ice Tea; Crystal Light

    Protein Shakes Powder (Muscle Milk or Core Power)

    Beef Jerky

    Sunflower Seeds (Esp. Ranch, Bacon, Pepper & Pickle Flavor)

    Trail Mix (no chocolate please)


    Tortilla Chips, Fritos, Doritos, Sun Chips



    Tinactin cream (no spray)

    Foot powder (no spray)


    Shower shoes- e.g. flip flops & crocs, (min. size 10-12/Large)

    Parachute Cord (Para Cord is available at Lowe’s and many hardware stores)

    Surge protectors (six plug power strips: 220 or 110 is fine)

    Adhesive hooks

    Black ink ball point pens

    Zip Lock bags, all sizes

    Alcohol-free sanitizing wipes

    Corn Hole Bags

    Hanging cloth shelves (see picture below) $10 and up Staples, Amazon, Target & more

    Any questions can be directed to Rob Bowen at (845) 610-5700 |

    Donation Collection Sites:

    Rob Bowen, Patriotic Insurance Group,  Shoprite Plaza Chester NY

    Keller Williams Hudson Valley United, Middletown, NY

    Albert Wisner Public Library, Warwick

    Amore’s Pizza, Goshen NY

    Chester Public Library

    Florida Public Library

    Warwick Town Hall

    Leo Kaytes Ford, Warwick NY

     Items will be collected from May 15th-May 25th – Here’s additional items you can donate:

    Please Note:  No glass, aerosols, perishables or large sized items

    ✔️Food Items:

    Healthy Snacks


    Dried Fruit ( Mango, Apricots, etc,)

    Granola Bars

    Protein Bars

    Beef Jerky

    Protein Powder Drink Mix

    Sunflower Seeds (Pre-Packaged)

    Powdered Drink Mixes (Individually Wrapped Packages For Water Bottles)

    Slim Jims

    Easy Open Pouches Of Chicken/Turkey/Salmon

    Individually Wrapped Crackers, Cheese/Peanut Butter

    Hot Sauces

    Individual Packets Of Creamer, Sugar & Sweetener

    Cough Drops/ Throat Lozenges

    Tea Bags

    Packets Of Coffee

    Gum, Lollipops, Lifesavers, Hard Candies

    Individual Snack Packs

    ✔️Personal Care Items:

    Sunscreen Lotion

    Moisturizer (Small)

    Liquid Body Wash

    Female Personal Care Products

    Foot Powder& Creams, Q Tips, Baby Wipes


    Nail Clippers

    Disposable Razors

    Moleskin (Dr. Scholl’s)



    Insect Repellent (Non-Aerosol)


    Ziplock Bags


    Playing Cards


    AA, AAA, D Batteries

    T-Shirts & Socks

    Small Can Openers

    Laundry Soap Single Packets

    Mag Light Flashlights

    For more information on Boxes For Soldiers Visit The Facebook Page:

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