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September Business of The Month

 Introducing our September Business of The Month | CrossFit Orange NY | Bare Fitness

Every month we choose a small, local business to support. This month we chose CrossFit Orange NY (CFONY)/ Bare Fitness!!!


Of Course CFONY is a CrossFit Gym – but it’s also that place where you have your own personal cheering squad, a shoulder to lean on, a place that nurtures tremendous growth – both mentally and physically.

It’s the kind of gym that allows you to be you – yet motivates you to reach new heights. The community that calls this gym home is second to none – just an amazing group of supportive people.

With that said,  admittedly,  I was intimidated by CrossFit.

How could I possibly be able to lift those weights?  I couldn’t even do a push up ,or jump rope!

Barry Chait, Former NFL Strength Coach and founder of CFONY, along with  Lucie & Danny, CrossFit Level 1 Trainers, knew better than me!

They modified every movement so that  every exercise was doable and safe.   Those pushups and jump ropes soon became a realization and eventually so did pull-ups and yes – those weights!!

However, the most unexpected result was how my successes positively transcended every aspect of my life.

Come to the Open House on Sunday, Sep 30th @9:30am and ask the current members how they feel about CFONY!!

CFONY makes fitness accessible to all with the addition of many innovative programs:

Teen Strength & Conditioning

This teen program doesn’t just provide exercise.  Trainers provide a positive environment that allows teens to set goals, try new things, stay engaged in an activity that will provide them with a lifelong definition of health.  Teens will work through warm-ups, mobility exercises, and specific workouts designed to teach them proper and safe movement techniques.

Bare Fitness Kids

The kids program provides a safe environment where children will learn proper movement, perseverance, goal setting, and self discipline.  They use games and activities to teach movement skills while having fun! They have 2 kids classes – Elementary level on Tues. and Thurs. at 5:30 PM and Middle School level on Mon. and Wed.  at 5:30 PM.

Masters 50+

People are only as old as they believe they are!  CFONY has one of the only dedicated Master’s classes in the area where members 50 years and older can work together with other members of the same age.  We all have a choice of whether to be sedentary as we age, or to be active. Those that choose to be active into their later years will maintain a high quality of life with a lower prevalence of disease well into their elderly years.  The Master’s class takes into consideration the needs of members age 50 and older with specifically tailored warm ups and scaled workouts. They also have a Master’s only Facebook group where Master’s and trainers can discuss everything from training to aging, ask questions, share tips, and have a laugh.


Special Olympics Powerlifting– Young adults are empowered by learning the basics of functional movements and proper and safe training in a fun way. ,

Foundations Program

Fitness and health are for everyone.  That’s why CFONY offers this unique lifting class.  Young adults are empowered by learning the basics of functional movements and proper and safe training in a fun way. There are many hands on deck for this class which makes it even more special.

New You 6 Week Challenge – 

This program is designed for beginners!  You must be willing to commit to 3 days per week for 6 weeks. You will enjoy working out in the group environment, the energy is positively infectious!  Your first class will be a weigh in and measure with before photos. The next 6 weeks you will work with your trainers to achieve your health and fitness goals!  The final class will be a weigh in and measure to chart your progress. Our next New You Challenge begins September 10, 2018.

1:1 Personal Training– 

The personal training program provides an individualized approach to your training. It’s a customized training program tailored for you and your current fitness abilities. You will work with a trainer 1 on 1 to reach your fitness goals

Come & check it out. You are also welcome to join the traditional gym area as well.

 The first class is complementary!

CrossFit Orange
31 John St
Goshen, NY

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