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Stay Sane @ Home | Bringing it all Together (Part 6)

Stay Sane @ Home – Step 6 

It is my hope that you have found value and are feeling the positive effects of planning in our 6 part series!!


Have you read  the book,The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan?  If not, I highly suggest it. 


One of the offshoots is planning tool called a 411.  Everything we have covered the past 5 weeks is broken down to fit nicely on the 411,


Head on over to and download it. 


The 411 will house your professional and personal goals.


The idea is to fill it out on a weekly basis to keep your focus on your one thing. 


The truth is multitasking does not work. It is ineffective. In order to accomplish what you want out of life, you must unapologetically focus on what YOU want. Your life will be completely imbalanced in favor of your one thing as you work on crushing your goals. 


In order to live an extraordinary life, you must gain great clarity about what you want and focus that – exactly what we’ve been doing in this six part series.


It’s important to note that your one thing may change…as it has for many of us during the pandemic. 


Remember..we are aiming for progress – not perfection. Be kind to yourself during this process. 


One last thing….time block! Make sure all of your personal and professional goals are given the time needed to get accomplished. Before saying yes to something or someone, think about what you are saying no to. Protect your time!! No one else will.



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