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Stay Sane @ Home | Gain Clarity Around Professional Goals (Part 4)

Stay Sane @ Home | Step 4 Define Your Professional Goals


We’ve made some awesome progress tackling our personal goals.   Now let’s talk about our professional goals. 



We began defining our personal goals first because quite frankly, they are the reason most of us have jobs or own businesses. They are the reason we do what we necessarily don’t want to do. They serve as part of our why.


Why  else should we do this?  – So we can have highly focused, productive, easier days! Clarity is everything. Planning out our goals will allow us to spend more time on what should be doing and less time pulling our hair out. We will undoubtedly feel better as we gain control over our lives.


Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover –  our action plan:

  • Write down all of your professional goals and responsibilities
  • Figure out your top 3, in order of priority
  • Make them specific and measurable


Let’s Get Going With Step 4 – Define Your Professional Goals!


Take some time to write down all of your professional responsibilities and goals. What are the most important? What outcomes are needed to keep you gainfully employed? Are there metrics or standards you need to hit? Write it all down!!


Take some time to write down ALL your professional goals.


Then….write down your top 3 – in order of priority.  Think about this, what is the one thing you can accomplish, that will take care of everything else? Make sure they are specific and measurable. If they are not measurable, we won’t be able to tell if we’ve made progress.


Keeping that in mind, your professional goals could look like this. Notice the metrics. This makes them measurable.


  1. Increase market share by 15% in Orange County
  2. Receive referrals from 90% of all clients
  3. Increase profitability by 50K


Again, review the order and list them in priority. If you could only achieve one of them, which one should it be? 


Well, in order to be more profitable, I will need to  increase market share to gain more clients. If I ask my own clients for referrals, then that will help me increase market share.  So, here is how the order should go:


  1. Receive referrals from 90% of all clients
  2. Increase market share by 15% in Orange County
  3. Increase profitability by 50K.


In essence, priority #1 will most likely take care of #2 & #3.  



It’s your turn  – Now go for it, write down your professional goals.


Next week we will break them down to monthly and weekly goals.

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