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Stay Sane @ Home …Get What You Want (Part 3)

Stay Sane @ Home – Step 3 – Get Exactly What You Want



Let’s get moving toward what you want so that you’ll feel even better than you do now:)

Now that we all have our personal goals identified with our last step (click here if you missed it), it’s time to figure out a plan to attain them. 



Personal Goals: 

  1. Pay off 11,263 credit card debt 
  2. Save $10K
  3. Travel to Alaska 


Here’s what we’ll need to do:

  • Deconstruct #1 Personal Goal  into smaller monthly goals.
  • Chunk  monthly goal into smaller weekly goals.
  • Break down weekly goal into daily goals.
  • Repeat


Now let’s get to work!


Deconstruct your #1 Personal Goal  into smaller monthly goals.

Let’s break down goal #1…. (Remember, we have not earned the right to move onto goal #2 until we are well underway with goal #1)

If my goal is to pay off $11,263 in credit card debt within the next 12 months, then I should pay down $938.58 each month. Now that’s my monthly goal.


Now, Chunk your monthly goal into smaller weekly goals.

Ask yourself, what is the one thing you can do this week to begin to pay down the $938.58?


Think of the next logical steps.  What will you need to figure out or take action on?


Where is this money going to come from? Hmm…in order to do this I will need to stick to a budget. I have to get clearer on my expenses.  I will need to dive into my expenses and see what I can cut. That’s my first action item to achieve this goal.


Second I will then create a new monthly budget so that I can cut expenses and allocate those funds to pay down this debt.


Third, I’ll look around my house to find things to sell that I can so that I can payoff this debt quicker.


So far, here is what this looks like so far:


Annual Personal Goal: 

  1.  Pay Down 11,263 Credit Card Debt


Monthly Goal: 

  1. pay down 938.58 Credit Card Debt


Weekly Goals: ( in order of priority)

  1. Analyze personal expenses and cut/reduce costs
  2. Make a budget
  3. Find house hold items to sell – to pay down $300 of debt.


We’re not done!  Let’s Break down your weekly goal into daily goals.


Daily Goals: (in order of priority)





Each morning make a daily list, in priority that will tackle you weekly goal #1…..

and when you crush that, move onto #2, then #3.



In this example, in order to tackle weekly goal #1, today my list will include:

  1. Gather ALL of my expenses for the past month.
  2. Enter the expenses on a spreadsheet
  3.  Identify items that I can cut – and eliminate them.


Now, this may take longer than one day, and that’s okay – just move the items you still need to complete to the next day. Just make sure to set aside time each day to complete your daily goals. Protect that time.


When next week rolls around, you will assess your progress and create 3 additional weekly goals that will contribute to paying off  your monthly credit card debt.


When next month rolls around you will again, assess where you at with your debt and repeat the process.


Only after you are well underway at paying down your debt will you have earned the right to continue to goal #2.



Makes Sense?   Think of how amazing you will feel once you being to move toward what you want?!

Now go for it! Let’s Review:

Step 3 – Define a Monthly & Weekly Plan to Tackle Personal Goal #1

  1. Deconstruct your #1 Personal Goal  into smaller monthly goals.
  2. Chunk you monthly goal into smaller weekly goals.
  3. Break down your weekly goal into daily goals.
  4.  Repeat weekly/monthly until you crush your personal goal!!



It’s time for you to take action. Once you’ve set your weekly goals, take it one week at a time, one day at a time. 


Next week we will tackle your professional  goals!!

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