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Stay Sane @ Home | Slay Professional Goals (Part 5)

Stay Sane @ Home – Step 5 



We’ve done some fantastic goal planning!! Let’s summarize….


We set intentions daily, and throughout the day.  We have defined our personal goals and broken them down into monthly, weekly & daily goals.  We have defined our professional goals.  Boy, we are taking full advantage of our time at home.



It’s time to complete our puzzle.  Next step – let’s break our professional goals down into monthly, weekly and daily goals.


Define a Monthly & Weekly Plan to Tackle Professional Goal #1


Here’s what we’ll need to do:

  • Deconstruct #1 Professional Goal  into smaller monthly goals.
  • Chunk  monthly goal into smaller weekly goals.
  • Break down weekly goal into daily goals.
  • Repeat


Let’s use or goal #1 from last time – Receive referrals from 90% of all clients –


How are we going to accomplish this? We’ ll need to take some time to dive into this and figure out a cohesive plan. I suggest coming up with 3 or more strategies, in order of importance.  For time’s sake let’s say the #1 strategy to accomplish this is to create a client experience plan. 


So, this month you will create a client experience plan. How are you going to accomplish this? Let’s break that down down to how you will begin this week and create 3 weekly goals – again ordered in priority – we cannot move onto #2 until we’ve completed #1.


They may look something like this


Annual Professional Goal:

  1.  Receive referrals from 90% of all clients


Monthly Goal: 

  1. Create client experience plan


Weekly Goals: ( in order of priority)

  1.  Research proven client experience plans
  2.  Create an outline of the plan
  3.  Create a timeline of when/how you are going to put each step of the plan into action.


We’re not done!  Let’s Break down your weekly goal into daily goals.


Daily Goals: (in order of priority)

  1. Define target audience and what you’d like for them to experience
  2. Research 3 successful client experience plan & write down positive aspects
  3. Research pitfalls of client experience plans


Now, this may take  longer than one day, and that’s okay – just move the items you still need to complete to the next day. Just make sure to set aside time each day to complete your daily goals. Protect that time.


When next week rolls around, you will assess your progress and create 3 additional weekly goals that will contribute to creating a client experience plan.


When next month rolls around you will again, assess where you at with your customer experience plan and repeat the process.



Now you know what to do……get to it! Next week I’ll share with you an awesome resource that will help you keep track of your progress!


And then take a deep breath!!! You are well on your way to gaining your sanity back in both your personal & professional life. Get ready to live BIG!!

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