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Stay Sane @ Home | What do you want….exactly? (Part 2)

Stay Sane @ Home – Step 2 ….. What do you want….exactly??


Hey there! 


I trust you found value with Step One.  In case you missed it, you can read about it here.


Now that you’ve committed to focusing on your mindset, ready for step 2?


Step 2: Define Your Personal Goals


Start by thinking about what you want Personally. What would you like to have or accomplish in any given year?


Do you want to complete renovations on your home, buy a home, go on vacation, invest in an asset, grow your net worth? It’s time to to think big.  You deserve to get what you want….


And if you don’t exactly know…what are you waiting for?


Take some time to write down ALL the things you’d like to have or accomplish this year. Don’t rule anything out.




Write down your top 3 – in order of priority.  When narrowing it down ask yourself, what is the one thing you can accomplish, that will take care of everything else?  Goal #1  is  the most important.  You do not earn the right to move onto #2 until #1 is well underway or accomplished.


I know putting them in priority  may sound confusing, so let’s look at an example:


Personal Goals:

  1. Payoff debt
  2. Save money
  3. Go on vacation


Payoff debt needs to be first. By doing this it will allow me to save 20K and eventually purchase a home.  I certainly should not go on vacation first, or my first two goals may never be accomplished. Do you see how order matters? 


It’s super simple. However, Often times we don’t stop to think about what we want and the order of importance to us. Doing so will give you sooooo much direction!!!! 


Now Stay with me…we are just getting started.


Once you’ve outlined your goals – get specific! This will provide more clarity.  Make sure they are specific and measurable.


Let’s make our example above more specific and measurable.

Personal Goals: 

  1.  Pay off 11,263 credit card debt 
  2.  Save $10K
  3.  Travel to Alaska September 2021


You might ask, well what if I have goal to lose 20lbs? Where does that fit in, in terms of priority? You’ve got to figure out if losing weight first will make the other items on your list more attainable. 


For example, let’s say my goals were to pay off $11,263 in credit card debt, lose 20 pounds and write a screen play.  Then I’d ask myself, would writing a screen play help me lose weight or help me pay off credit card debt? Eventually writing the screen play may help me pay off credit card debt…but honestly, it would not help me lose weight. 


Would losing weight help me write the screen play or pay off debt? My personal answer would be yes! And yes! By losing weight, I’d start to feel better about myself, more confident, in turn I’d be inspired and have the energy to write the screen play which would in turn help me pay off my debt. See how that works? Your answers may be different. It’s all up to you, and how you see things.


Now it’s your turn!


  1.  Write down all of the personal goals you’d like to achieve.  
  2.  Narrow your list down your top 3 goals that will encompass all the rest.
  3. Put them in order of priority.
  4.  Make them specific and measurable.


Stay tuned….. Next week we will devise a plan to crush them in part 3 of our stay sane @ home series!


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