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Tom’s Greenhouse & Florist | Delivering Hope

Tom’s Greenhouse & Florist | 123 Montgomery Street Goshen NY 10924

845.294.5233 |

Nestled in the village of Goshen Tom’s Greenhouse & Florist has been delivering love & hope for over six decades in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, house plants, wreaths, and garden delights. February is the month of love and in that sentiment, we’ve partnered with Tom’s Greenhouse & Florist to deliver flowers to approximately 300 seniors residing at Valley View Nursing Home for Valentine’s Day. It’s our wish that these flowers deliver hope, love and a ray of sunshine amidst the loneliness of the pandemic.

Gary Esposito carries on his father’s legacy 66 years after his father Tom started the business.  Tom was a Korean war veteran and opened the business with his wife Phyllis shortly after he returned from the war.    One of Gary’s fondest memories of growing up in Goshen was playing in his fort in a field behind his house – which is now the site of Goshen Intermediate School.  

Today, Gary and his wife Jane run the business.  They took over the business in 1991 with their three children,  Melissa, Emily and Thomas.  They have all helped over the years.  Their daughter Melissa will do anything from transplanting to processing fresh flowers.  One Valentine’s day she took the thorns off 5,000 roses.  That is perseverance and dedication! Emily enjoyed setting up weddings and Thomas takes after Gary working in the greenhouse and transplanting.  

This small-town family business has employed hundreds of children from Goshen High School over the years. In fact, Brian Caplicki  (of The McGovern Caplicki Team) worked there during his high school tenure delivering flowers.   Gary doesn’t have plans to retire anytime soon and that’s a good thing.  

Whether it is Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall Tom’s Greenhouse keeps Goshen’s heart beating with their beautiful flowers, floral arrangements, and hardy plants. Don’t forget to call them and order your honey some flowers for Valentine’s Day!!

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