Brian is great to work with. He gives great attention to every detail and makes you feel comfortable through the entire process. He has solid negotiation skills. He has the ability to close a deal when others are dragging their feet.


    My wife and I cannot express our gratitude enough to Rebecca Kane for the great assistance and professionalism she showed us in the purchase of our home. She went above and beyond in the number of homes she showed us until we found the one perfect for us. Advising us with knowledge of the area, building systems, and renovation recommendations, she was fantastic. With a literal “army” of professional contacts, she continues to serve us well after the transaction has closed, recommending reliable painters, plumbers, and a variety of other service professionals. In short, a full service professional with a personal touch.


    Rebecca Kane is very knowledgeable and professional. She is a great agent and knows her expertise well. She made the purchase of my first home easy… I have made a great friend.


    Rebecca was invaluable in helping purchase my new home especially since I was moving from out of state. She helped with getting appropriate homes for viewing, helping with negotiations and closing. I would recommend her to anyone looking for new home in this area.


    Had many hurdles through out which I guess is to be expected when trying to buy or sell a house. However, Brian took all the pressure off us with his dedication and hard work. Definitely my go to person for any and all real estate matters. Absolutely the best in the business. Thank you very much.

    -Jim Levite

    With my wife and I being first time home buyers, expecting a baby, and relocating from New York City, we thought the process of buying a home would be a painful one, Not with Rebecca. She was there for us every step of the way and wasn’t interested in finding us our first house but rather our first home. She is absolutely recommended.

    -Jose Vila

    Brian Caplicki was a very helpful in the sale of our first home. He was quick to respond to all my phone calls. He made this a very smooth experience. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home.


    I met Rebecca November 2013, and it took us until August 2014 to find the perfect home for me. While I’ll admit, I’m more than difficult to deal with, Rebecca handled me perfectly! Thanks to Rebecca’s patience and local knowledge, we viewed almost, if not all, new construction homes in the Orange County area. Based on the areas I wanted to be close to for my NYC commute, Rebecca narrowed down the towns for me to consider and focus on.

    Since this is / was first home purchase, Rebecca held my hand every step of the way. She was very responsive to emails, text messages and calls. If she was unable to answer the question, she conferred with colleagues so she could find out the answer. Even if I asked her the same question 20 times a day, she had no problem explaining everything all over again. Rebecca has even made attempt to calm my mom’s fears of having to relocate from the Big Apple, to a quiet, peaceful town up North.

    I’ve already recommended Rebecca to other friends interested in relocating to Orange County, as well anyone interested in locating to the Orange County area. When it’s time to sell my home, and find my next new construction home, Rebecca will be my “go to” realtor. Great job Rebecca!! Thank You!!

    -Sandi Turnipseed

    I totally, totally, totally recommend Rebecca Kane as your agent. She is knowledgeable, very, very patient, can negotiate and can help you seek out contractors if needed. Rebecca was truly a blessing to me, because I went through three other realtors before I found her. Believe me I was not easy at all, because I was very, very picky and particular. We searched and saw so many houses and she was there by my side the whole time without any complaints. She is very professional and goes above and beyond for her clients. That is the type of realtor that you want, someone you can depend on who listens to your needs and likes. You definitely will find the house you are interested in working with Rebecca. I met a new friend for life.

    Luv Ya Girl! 🙂

    -Denise Puryear

    Born and raised Brooklynites who migrated to Staten Island to buy our “first” home decided seven years in and one child later it was time to move. We wanted “property” – with grass, for goodness sakes! We originally planned to stay a bit closer to the City and to our family so we decided on Rockland County. As it turns out the grass was not greener in Rockland County. We took a step back and re-evaluated our situation and made the dreaded call to our current agent to let her know that we were deciding to give Orange County a try – an area she, sadly, did not cover. After some healthy back and forth she immediately referred us to Rebecca Kane. She promised she was the real estate agent “everyone dreams about” and boy was she right. After my first phone conversation (meet and greet) with Rebecca we instantly hit it off and I felt confident (oddly – I mean she is a sales person per se!? Who ever feels comfortable dealing with a salesperson? – I am going to take that statement back at the end of our story – I promise) that she understood what we were looking for. Less than 12 hours later I had a bunch of listings sent to me and less than a week later we started our hunt.

    We spent close to every single weekend towards the end of the summer and into Fall searching for our home – meaning; Rebecca took time out of her large family schedule to be spending her weekends with us – talk about dedication!

    We were very particular, I was very vocal, and Rebecca was VERY patient and VERY honest. Moreover, we ran into quite a few issues with the sale of our current home and still, Rebecca remained patient AND sympathetic, I might add, to our situation, and she never gave up on us.

    …Finally we found our home, but, it didn’t end there – there was still more time she was going to spend with us. As it turns out we decided on a newly built home that was not yet complete. Well, this is where Rebecca really shined. She was on top of everyone involved, EVERYDAY– from lawyers to agents to inspectors to builders – the list could go on. She was determined to get us closed before Christmas so that we could spend our holiday in front of the fireplace, inside the home, we always knew we wanted. Unfortunately, do to circumstances beyond any of our control, we had to patiently wait, just a bit longer. Even towards the very end of the “just waiting to close” process, she kept us updated and pushed brokers and lawyers, etc.

    In closing, Rebecca was and is the furthest thing from a sales person. She’s personable, honest, patient, reliable, determined and motivated and most important of all, she sincerely cares about making sure her families find THE home they’ve always wanted, even if it takes what feels like forever. I still keep in touch with Rebecca to this day. Quite honestly, it was odd after our closing to not see her number pop up on my cell phone, so now I call her for info on anything Orange County related, plus, she is, as my husband referred to her, a “Renaissance Woman” – she really knows her stuff.

    Without hesitation, Rebecca is your go to gal for your real estate needs and IF you’re lucky enough she becomes part of your extended family – I mean my Son still asks “Where is MY Rebecca?” – talk about someone who leaves an imprint on your life