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The EVAning of Hope – Finding a Cure For Rett Syndrome.

😮 With Your Help, Rett Syndrome May Be The First Neurological Disorder to Be Reversed‼️

Our friend EVA is pretty special. ❤️ She’s a beautiful 13 year old girl who communicates to the world through her eyes and her smile. While she’s not able to speak, or make use of her hands, she is one of the Lucky Rett girls who can walk and does not require a feeding tube.



Eva’s life began like most typical girls. She hit all of her milestones. She actively played with her 4 sisters, was able to talk, laugh and feed herself. Slowly she began to regress, unable to hold her sippy cup, hug her sisters or simply call out mom.

Haven’t heard of Rett Syndrome? We hadn’t either prior to meeting Eva.

It’s a neurological disorder that bundles the symptoms of Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Autism, Anxiety and Cerebral Palsy all into one. It’s caused by random mutations in a gene called MECP2. Symptoms begin in toddlerhood.

😁The GREAT NEWS is that SYMPTOMS of Rett Syndrome were significantly REVERSED in animal trials. More research needs to be funded to see this through to our Rett Girls. In Fact Clinical Trials are beginning this year!

❤️Very hopeful for a cure, Aimee & Albert’s mission is to raise as much funds and awareness as possible . Thus, they created the non for profit, Eva Fini Fund & a major fundraising event, The EVAning of Hope.

How can you help? There are a couple of ways!

👉You can donate funds here and purchase tickets here:…/events/evaning-of-hope-2019/

👉Donate goods to be auctioned off at their event, become an event sponsor and/or attend the event. The Evaning of Hope is July 13th, 2019. If you’d like to donate goods, please reach out to Aimee Fini at

👉Follow the Eva Fini Fund and Evaning of Hope on Facebook:

👉Find our more about Rett Syndrome & A Road Map For A Cure: